Sunday, July 31, 2011

New ride at Campbell Amusements this year coming to Woodstock Old Home Week!

Here is a YouTube video of the new Quasar ride.

Price List for Old Home Week events that charge admission

The following is a list of prices for the Old Home Week events that charge an admission fee:
  • July 31, 2011: "Side Effects" and Friends Gospel Concert-Free Will Offering. Proceeds go to a local charity.
  • August 1, 2011: Miss New Brunswick Talent Show-Adults, Students, and Children: $7.00.
  • August 1, 2011: Harness Racing-Adults: $2.00. Students: $1.00. Children: FREE
  • August 2, 2011: Miss New Brunswick Pageant-Adults & Students: $15.00. Children: $10.00
  • August 3, 2011: Harness Racing-Adults:$2.00. Students: $1.00. Children: FREE
  • August 4, 2011: New Brunswick Country Showcase-Adults, Students, and Children: $10.00
  • August 5, 2011: Harness Racing-Adults: $5.00. Students: $2.00. Children: FREE
  • August 6, 2011: NAPA Auto Parts Demolition Derby-Adults: $10.00. Students: $5.00. Children: $2.00
Free Admission to the Midway for the entire week with the use of advance ride bracelet coupons. The coupons are valid for one day, any day of the week. The following is a list of Campbell Amusements pricing and promotions:
  • Tuesday, August 2, 2011: Midway opens at 6:00 pm. Tuesday is Toonie Night. All rides are $2.00 from 6:00 pm to closing. 
  • Wednesday, August 3, 2011: Midway opens at 1:00 pm. Wednesday is Bracelet Day. Ride all of the rides you want for $25.00
  • Thursday, August 4, 2011, Friday, August 5, 2011, and Saturday, August 6, 2011: Midway opens at 1:00 pm. Regular ride pricing applies. 
  • Single Ride Coupons: $1.50 each
  • Sheet of 25 Ride Coupons: $33.00 each
  • Sheet of 40 Ride Coupons: $38.00 each

Woodstock Old Home Week Parade Today

The parade will be starting at 2:00 pm, and will run from the Deakin Drive/Main Street intersection to the bridge across the Meduxnekeag River.

The Woodstock Fire Department's antique horse-drawn steamer during the 2008 Old Home Week parade. 
Woodstock Mayor Art Slipp riding in the front seat of a Bricklin during the Old Home Week parade of 2008.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Exterior of new Woodstock Wesleyan Church partially completed!

Looking good!
Following my visit to the Old Carleton County Court House, I drove out the Route 560 (locally known as the Jacksonville Road) to see if the exterior of the new Woodstock Wesleyan Church had been completed yet. The church opened in February 2011. The congregation had been meeting at the former Trip Outdoors building after the demolition of their original church downtown. They held services in the former church gymnasium, which was part of a later expansion to the original structure. The expansion had been saved from the wrecking ball.

The church purchased the former Mid-Valley Co-op grocery store in the spring of 2009. Over a period of two years, the building underwent an amazing transformation to become the new Wesleyan Church. I have yet to check out the inside of the new church, but I hear it is nice!

The Shiretown Blogger visits the Old Carleton County Court House in Upper Woodstock

Old Carleton County Court House July 29, 2011

On July 29, 2011, the Shiretown Blogger drove up to Upper Woodstock to visit the Old Carleton
County Court House, following his visit to the hat exhibit at Connell House. The tour was guided by
Sam Wilson and Emma, both summer students employed with the Carleton County Historical Society.
Both guides made the tour very informative and interesting.

The Old Court House was constructed in 1833, and expanded in 1866. It was the seat of the first
county council in New Brunswick, as well as a site for trials, political rallies, and agricultural fairs, and
was also a stagecoach stop. Around 1909, the present-day court house was built and the Old Court
House was sold at an auction to a local farmer. It would be used as a horse barn for the next half
century. Many crucial structural components were removed to accommodate forks and hay mows as
well as horses. This would weaken the entire structure.

In November of 1960, the newly-formed Carleton County Historical Society purchased the Old
Court House in a very derelict state, and began a restoration project that would last for 26 years. This
remarkable project would see a painstaking, but faithful restoration of the Old Court House to its
original grandeur. In June of 1986, Her Royal Highness Princess Anne officially opened the Old
Carleton County Court House.
This photo, taken by the late Mac King, shows Princess Anne officially opening the Old Carleton County Court House on June 25, 1986, while Carleton County Historical Society co-founder Ken Homer looks on.
A display case at the Old Court House shows items from when Princess Anne opened the court house in 1986.
Today, the court house is the site of many weddings, parties, and an
annual Victorian Christmas fundraising concert.

The lawyer's room.
A part of the original judge's bench. Horses snacked on it during the period in which the building was used as a horse barn.  
The chairs in the courtroom are originals. They had been moved to the present-day court house around 1909, only to be relocated back to the Old County Court House during restoration.
Coat of arms painted by John Lee. 
The judges' bench and judges' chair.
The prisoners' box.
Nathan DeLong (The Shiretown Blogger) sits in the prisoners' box.
Tour guide Sam Wilson inside the judges' chamber.
Judges' bench.
Information and photos of George Gee, the first man to be hung in Woodstock.

Photos on display of the public gallery and railings.
Looking down from the public gallery.

The public gallery.

The door to the prisoners' room.

The prisoners' room.

Nathan DeLong (The Shiretown Blogger) peeks through the door to the prisoners' room.
19th century uniforms.

The staircase.

The Shiretown Blogger visits Connell House Hat Exhibit

On July 29, 2011, The Shiretown Blogger paid a visit to Connell House in Woodstock to view
their exhibit on 19th and 20th century hats. The tour, guided by Carleton County Historical Society
summer student Patrick King, was an informative explanation of many antique hats.

The majority of the hats were donated by local people, and ranged in era from 1840 onward.
The wide variety of hats included bonnets, formal wear, top hats, military hats, and there were even
some uniforms on display as well.

The exhibit was set up at the top of Connell House's main staircase, and in two other rooms on
the second floor. One room was devoted specifically to women's headgear, the other one devoted to
men's. The room with women's hats was set up in chronological order.

The exhibit can be viewed anytime between Tuesday and Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm for only
$5.00. The cost includes viewing of the exhibit as well as a tour of Connell House. It is open to the
public to be viewed until September.

This bonnet is believed to be the oldest hat in the women's  collections, and was on display in one of the upstairs bedrooms. 
Many hats were on display on a table with descriptions and photos.
Two display cases were filled with antique women's headgear.
A mannequin displaying black formal wear. This type of dress was usually worn at funerals or
times of grieving, and women during that period wore black for up to a year after the death of
their husbands.

Some men's war hats.
A display case full of military hats.
An antique men's suit on display.
Carleton County Historical Society summer student and Connell House tour guide Patrick King explaining some men's hats and suits on display at Connell House's hat exhibit.
A table in the Edwin Tappan Adney room at Connell House.
Visitors are greeted at the top of the stairs by a table displaying many 19th and 20th century hats.
With the help of a grant from the province's Fine Art Conservation Program, the Carleton County Historical Society restored a portrait of Sheriff Francis Wentworth Winslow (the first High Sheriff of Carleton County) and his wife Jane Caroline (Rainsford) Winslow. The portraits are on display at Connell House in the West Wing (also called the John Lee room).
Nathan DeLong (The Shiretown Blogger) puts his face on the Connell Stamp!

 A thank you to Patrick King for the tour and explanation of the hat exhibit and to Carleton County Historical Society Executive Director Kellie Blue-McQuade for her work in setting up the exhibit. 

Fresh Market Foods is the place to go in Woodstock for your grocery needs and lunch!

While taking drivers ed this week, I stopped at Fresh Market Foods two days in a row for lunch and took advantage of their offer of two slices of pizza and a can of pop for $5.99. I got two slices of pepperoni pizza, and they were delicious! 
Fresh Market Foods has affordable prices and they are in a convenient location! Thank goodness they reopened! Keep up the good work, Harry and Jim Bradbury!

Friday, July 29, 2011

NB Day of FrAction-August 1st

A shale gas exploration protest will be held in Fredericton on August 1st, starting from the Old Burial Grounds at 51 Woodstock Road and continuing to the Legislature. The march will begin at 12 pm. There happens to be shale gas drilling already occurring in these neighborhoods, so come and support these residents whose well water will likely be contaminated if this continues!!

New Brunswickers
Say NO to Shale Gas

If you want to tell our government that you value our WATER and the life it supports, and you do NOT support Shale Gas, join us on New Brunswick Day for a PEACEFUL MARCH to send that message.
August 1st, 2011
High Noon
from the

(51 Woodstock Road, Fredericton) over to the LEGISLATURE

Bring SIGNS! Bring your FAMILY! Protect our FUTURE!
This event is being organized by many concerned groups from across the province.
For more information, contact or visit

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New condos and senior apartments in the works on Houlton Street

The former site of Atlantic Save Easy and Sunset Building Supplies at the corner of Houlton and Charlotte Streets will soon be home to apartments and condos. The Senior Garden Suites complex will consist of four separate units with 27 spaces to rent. 

The construction team is still finalizing the layout. Therefore, it is unclear when construction will begin. It is possible that two units may be ready by fall 2011. 

A billboard has been erected in effort to see if there is interest in the town, and the six front spaces may be sold as condos, with the other 21 being rented out. 

The property will include a community clubhouse and playground, and it will be landscaped with walking trails. 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Connell Road landmark to be demolished

Promises Christian Book Store
A familiar structure in a prominent location will be dismantled to allow for the development of a new commercial building. Demolition is currently underway at 389 Connell Street, the former location of Promises Christian Book Store. It is unclear when the building was constructed, but it also has been home to Crandlemire Auto Brokers, Jumbo Video, Shur-Gain Feeds & Needs, and David Alward's campaign headquarters in the 2010 provincial election. PatLen Properties Ltd. will be constructing a modern two-storey, 13,000 square foot professional building on site. 
Crandlemire Auto Brokers & Jumbo Video
The new commercial building will have many benefits, such as great visibility, prominent signage, easy access to and from the Trans-Canada Highway, a short distance to downtown Woodstock, close proximity to major retail stores and restaurants, lots of parking, and stairs and an elevator for second floor access. 

Construction is expected to begin later this summer. Office space is available for lease-contact Andrew Lenehan at 325-8176 to inquire. 

Artist's conception of new structure