About the Blog

The Shiretown Blogger is a community news blog based in Woodstock, New Brunswick. The blog's main objective is to provide a spotlight for issues that are often ignored or not given enough attention by other news mediums. The Shiretown Blogger strives to provide an alternative to traditional media by giving you, the blog's readers, a reliable source for community news free of charge and free of ads and endorsement that dominate our modern newspapers and other news mediums. 

The slogan of The Shiretown Blogger is Sharing community news in effort to celebrate our wealthy community and its progress. Here are some pointers as to where the name and slogan came from: 
  • Woodstock is the shiretown of Carleton County. On a historical perspective, all counties in New Brunswick were once governed independently by county councils. County councils controlled the funding for things like education, health care, and roads in each county. The shiretown of the county is the county seat, which was where the county council met, and where the court house is located. Woodstock is often still referred to as the shiretown. 
  • Woodstock is a wealthy community, and what the community has to offer is often taken for granted, or just not appreciated enough. The Shiretown Blogger strives to promote and celebrate what the Woodstock area has for you, along with the progress being made within the community. The happenings in the community represent the progress we make as a community.
  • The small town of Woodstock is a great place to live, work and raise a family. The Shiretown Blogger also aims to acknowledge our wonderful community, and even helps to make it a better place. 
The Shiretown Blogger is an inclusive blog. Everyone is welcome to submit written material, photos, and news ideas. Please see the Contact page for more information on contacting The Shiretown Blogger.