Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Shiretown Blogger visits the former site of the Carleton Memorial Hospital in Woodstock

On Tuesday, August 30, 2011, The Shiretown Blogger paid a visit to the former site of the Carleton Memorial Hospital in Woodstock.

The Carleton Memorial Hospital was demolished in 2009.

Complaints were made in 2009, while the demolition was underway, of the gates being open with no work going on and the fence being down in several areas, allowing easy access to the site. It was a safety issue at the time because there was still a lot of debris from the old health care facility at the site. The fence was repaired at the time. 

Now, the fence is down in many areas again, despite the site being free of most demolition junk. The Shiretown Blogger gained access to the site through this gap in the fence close to the former hospital entrance (and close to the locked gate). 

 I looked to the right and noticed that the fence is barely hanging on there, but is still up.

I looked straight ahead from where I was standing and noticed that the majority of the fence is down.

I walked out onto the site to look around for bricks from the old hospital. Pieces of brick of all sizes were scattered around, and if I looked hard enough, I could find a brick as close to its original size as possible. I took a few of them home. 

This sign was posted right next to the gap in the fence where I gained access to the property!!

Saint John River in Woodstock is currently very low!

The Saint John River level is currently low enough to expose the former Island Park swimming pool in the middle of the Saint John River. 

Due to the high amounts of rain this summer, the Saint John River water level is actually two inches higher than the usual level this time of year. However, the level can be regulated by the Mactaquac dam. 

As of Sunday, despite the downpour, the Saint John River was low enough in the Woodstock area to expose a lot of land along the shoreline along with other land near the middle of the river. 

600 Hits on The Shiretown Blogger

I cannot thank the readers of this blog enough for their endless support for this blog! Keep it up! My goal is to reach 1,000 hits by Christmas time!

Apartment complex under construction on Green Street

An apartment complex is currently under construction on Green Street, at the former site of Duane's Furniture and Appliances.

The Shiretown Blogger previously did a story on the new building in late July. Click the link below to see the story:

Woodstock Veterinary Clinic in new location

Dr. Ted Morris has relocated his office to the former Canada Customs office building located at 849 Main Street. The building has been expanded and renovated to accommodate the veterinary firm.

New office
Former office at 767 Main Street

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Traffic control devices will be in control of things at Connell Street and Connell Park Road before long

The yield and merging traffic signs have been installed, which is a sign of things to come! Here's hoping the traffic lights will be up and running in the very near future! With traffic lights comes crosswalk monitors, which will be a huge convenience and will help improve pedestrian safety at this intersection. Traffic on Connell Street does not always stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk, even though it is the law. Despite the nuisance traffic lights tend to be when they take a long time to turn green, they will definitely be welcome at this intersection!

The walls are up and the second floor is beginning to go up on the new commercial building on Connell Street

Looks like it will be a nice building! This will surely become a fixture in the greater Woodstock area.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Work underway to replace windows at Carleton County Court House in Woodstock

By looking at the following picture, you will notice that the N in Carleton is falling apart, as well as the H in House.

I am wondering how long it has been since the lettering on the front facade of the court house has been changed. Perhaps updated lettering should be a part of this upgrade. The lettering in its current condition looks very dilapidated, and that isn't the impression we want to be giving tourists, is it?

Old Woodstock Jail

Photo taken on August 29, 2011 by Nathan DeLong (The Shiretown Blogger).

The Woodstock Jail was built in 1901, following a fire which destroyed the original jail. It was used until 1997, and is now an office building for the New Brunswick Department of Wellness, Culture and Sport. 

Douglas Arch was a corrections officer at the Woodstock Jail at one time. His book, The Life of a Screw, tells the story of his life as a guard in the jail and the happenings inside the brick walls of the 110-year-old structure. The book was released in the spring of 2011.

House on Maple Street destroyed by fire in July; still standing

This green, two-story duplex located at 115-117 Maple Street was destroyed by fire on July 15, 2011.

CJ 104 Image

Two families lost everything in the blaze. Donations have been accepted at Canadian Tire and at a house on Elm Street. The fire was under investigation, but at present time, no information has been released with regards to the cause of the fire. 

The fire took place about a month and a half ago, but the house is still standing. The Shiretown Blogger snapped a few pictures of the damaged structure this afternoon. 

There is little to nothing around the perimeter of the structure to act as a safety barrier to prevent the public from gaining access to the structure or to keep the public safe from any falling debris. The Shiretown Blogger has sent a letter to Town of Woodstock Chief Administrative Officer Ken Harding about the issue. Stay tuned for details. 

New Brunswick Provincial Capital Commission's Promenade of Premiers panels in Woodstock

James Kidd Flemming panel

 Panel of New Brunswick Premiers from Canadian Confederation in 1867 to present

Hugh John Flemming panel

The three panels

These three panels were unveiled at a ceremony held on Thursday, August 25, 2011. Unfortunately, The Shiretown Blogger could not attend the ceremony due to a prior commitment. Town of Woodstock Tourism Coordinator Tobi Pirie sent along this photo of the beginning of the ceremony. 

The Shiretown Blogger did a story on the ceremony early last week. Click below for the previous story: 

Early Ice Registration in Woodstock

When? Monday, August 29, 2011 at 6:00 pm and Tuesday, August 30, 2011 at 8:00 pm

Where? Carleton Civic Center, Woodstock

Hockey season is fast approaching and Woodstock Minor Hockey would like to invite all players in District 2 to take part in our Early Ice program to be held from September 6 to October 7 at the Carleton Civic Centre.
Costs: Initiation program (ages 5-6) $25.00
All other divisions $100.00
Registration will be held August 29 & 30 from 6-8pm at 
the Carleton Civic Centre Lobby.
Players can also register for regular season at these times as well.

Registration for Regular season will be in the Civic Centre Lobby Sept 13, 28 & 29 from 6-8 pm,
Registration forms are available at the Civic Centre and on-line

Also, coach application deadline is September 23. Please include coaching qualifications with your application. Applications can be mailed or dropped off at 459 Main St., Woodstock, NB E7M 2B7 or dropped off at the Civic Centre in a sealed envelope Attn: President Anita Scott. Application forms are available at the Civic Centre and on-line at

National anti-bullying organization becomes registered charity

A national anti-bullying organization co-founded by a former Woodstock resident has recently became a registered charity.

Bullying Canada was co-founded by Rob Frenette, originally of Bathurst and now living in Fredericton. Rob is a graduate of NBCC Woodstock's journalism program.

Rob Frenette
Rob's inspiration for his work in such an important cause came from being a victim of bullying throughout his childhood. Though all of us are victims of some sort of bullying at some time or another, few of us choose to rebel against such a growing problem later on in life. Rob has worked to declare December 17th Blue Day, and encourages everyone to wear blue on December 17th in support of anti-bullying.

Established in 2006 by Rob Frenette and Katie Neu, Bullying Canada is the first youth-created anti-bullying website in Canada. The site's aim is to inform, help, and provide support for anyone involved in bullying. Visit . Bullying Canada is also on Facebook. . Bullying Canada offers toll-free telephone support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call 1.877.352.4497. You can also contact Bullying Canada via email. 

The majority of hard work does not go unnoticed. Rob's hard work with anti-bullying causes is no exception. Rob is among ten 2011 recipients of the Order of New Brunswick. The following article about Rob's recognition to the Order of New Brunswick was on the Government of New Brunswick's website.

"As an anti-bullying and anti-discrimination advocate, Rob Frenette has first-hand experience of how devastating bullying can be to a person. He experienced bullying throughout school, from Kindergarten to High School because he was different as a person living with Cerebral Palsy.  
Rather than retaliating against the years of bullying, he decided to speak out against it. He first drew national attention as a Grade 9 student at Bathurst High School for his activism, which continued throughout High School and into his studies at the New Brunswick Community College. 
In 2006, Mr. Frenette co-founded Bullying, as the first youth-created anti-bullying website in Canada. This website helps youth throughout Canada to deal with bullying and provides information and counselling through the site and its 24-hour toll-free helpline to thousands of young Canadians. Rob currently serves as one of its executive directors of this national charity. 
Closer to home, he worked with the former government and opposition to have December 17 declared Anti-bullying Day in New Brunswick and organized an anti-bullying summit last year in Fredericton, where more than 100 participants discussed the issue of bullying and how best to eliminate it. 
Mr. Frenette continues to work on anti-bullying initiatives in our province as well as lending his expertise and insight to other organizations in New Brunswick and throughout Canada.
Rob Frenette is receiving the Order of New Brunswick for his tireless devotion to and passionate commitment to ending the spectre of bullying for the youth of our province and all across Canada."
As a registered charity, Bullying Canada can now issue tax receipts for any donations. 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Community mourns loss of entrepreneur

It was recently announced on CJ 104 radio that Ken Karnes, co-founder of Karnes Bakery, has passed away. The Shiretown Blogger wishes to express deepest sympathy to the family of Mr. Karnes. Here is his death announcement.

Source: Culberson Funeral Home Website 

Kenneth Karnes

Kenneth Karnes
Kenneth Joseph Karnes
(Cofounder of Karnes Kitchen)

Kenneth Karnes of Woodstock, New Brunswick died peacefully on August 24, 2011.  All of his family were with him this summer which he enjoyed very much. Born, September 16, 1918,  Ken Karnes was a Veteran, a long-time businessman from Woodstock. Ken loved growing up on the Karnes homestead on Houlton Rd with his 12 brothers and sisters, and his Mama and Papa. He especially loved his almost 60 years of marriage with his wife Gertrude (deceased, November 2008).  Ken and Gertrude were true partners and friends who raised their family, worked, volunteered, traveled and enjoyed their life together, and are now reunited in peace. 

Ken went to WAR II, with the Royal Canadian Airforce.  What courage and strength for a 19 year old. Ken worked on the Airforce planes, which was a critical job. When he returned to his hometown after the war, there was very little for all these soldiers to do. He and his brother John (deceased 1992) helped his sisters who had been baking bread and soon built a bakery that went from a small kitchen at the homestead to an enterprise that provided bakery goods through the Atlantic Provinces and to the New England states. Their knowledge of managing this multi-million dollar business was phenomenal. Karnes Bakery (Kitchen) became an important part of the economic growth of Carleton County, New Brunswick, the Maritime Provinces.
They quietly practiced community activism, supporting and sponsoring the beloved Karnes Loafers hockey team, baseball, and Karnes Curling Bonspiels, becoming honorary members of the Carleton County Sports Hall of Fame, Honorary Citizens of the Town of Woodstock for their outstanding contributions to the important causes and charities for Carelton County.  Ken was honorary member of the Rotary Club.

Ken loved his family - 4 brothers and 9 sisters; his 4 children; 9 grandchildren and his 2 great grandsons; and all his dear nieces and nephews.  His daughters are Julia Karnes of Grand Falls, Rose Marie from Ottawa and Betty from Oakville, Ontario, and his son Michael from Woodstock. He is survived by his beloved sister, Natalie (John) McGuire of Maryland   Ken and Gertrude received so much joy from their nine grandchildren – Julia’s five - Angela, (Robbie) Joe, Jeffrey, Meghan;  and Betty and Stuart’s five – Jessie, Mark, Daniel, Adam and Mary.    Ken considered his great grandsons special gifts, Cameron and Colin Ketch.

Of all his family time that was special and almost sacred was the happy annual reunions at Skiff Lake.  As well, of great importance to Ken was his faith.  Until recently he went to Mass every Sunday.  He and Gertrude made many pilgrimages to Ste. Ann de Beaupre, Que.. He was recently honoured for his 60 years as a member of the Knights of Columbus.  He enjoyed marching at the Shrine at Skiff Lake at the annual Mass.  

Visitation on Friday, August 26, 2011 from 2-4 and 6-8 p.m. from The Culberson Funeral Home 188 Connell Street, Woodstock, NB      

His life will be celebrated on Saturday, August 27 at 10 am at St. Gertrude’s, Woodstock.  Interment to follow at Calvary Cemetery.

The Culberson Funeral Home 188 Connell Street, Woodstock, NB E7M 1L8 (325-1130) in care of arrangements.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

RCMP Musical Ride in Woodstock

The famous RCMP Musical Ride was in Woodstock on Tuesday, August 23rd. The ride was dedicated in memory of Sgt. Mark Gallagher, an RCMP officer from Woodstock who lost his life in the earthquake in Haiti in January 2010 while on a United Nations peacekeeping mission.

The pictures can do the blogging here.

Woodstock military expert Aaron Bouma had a display of wooden model guns he has built from scratch. He is seen here explaining the models to a curious onlooker.
Aaron Bouma
Some of the models that were part of the display.
The Armed Forces' recruiting booth.
An armored vehicle was set up and open to the public to check out.

RCMP Musical Ride souvenirs were for sale.
Masters of Ceremonies for the event were Wes Corey and RCMP Officer Luc Delisle.
The cadets opened the ceremonial parade.

Tobique-Mactaquac MP Mike Allen and Woodstock Mayor Art Slipp. Art's wife Lynn is between them but cannot be seen.

 New Brunswick Premier David Alward (center) and his wife Rhonda.

 Miss New Brunswick Chelsea Grant

 Miss Woodstock Ashley Black

Woodstock Town Police

 RCMP vehicle

Sheriff's vehicle

Crime Stoppers vehicle

Musical ride horses getting ready

 Tobique-Mactaquac MP Mike Allen speaking during the introduction of dignitaries

 A mock accident scene was part of the pre-show entertainment

The following is a You Tube video I made of the beginning of the presentation of the musical ride.

Here is another You Tube video from the beginning of the ride.